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Doggie Daycare & Pet-Sitting Services

Camp Bow Wow



Chesapeake Veterinary Mobile Services (aka Dr. Dawn & Sarah)


Specialty Health Care Services




Pet Food & Supplies


Rescues & Adoption Agencies

Senior Dog Haven & Hospice – Where Grey Muzzles are Nuzzled


Trainers & Other Obedience Services


Favorite Pet Product Retailers (Non-Local)


Pet & Burial/Cremation Grief Services


Financial Assistance for Veterinary Bills

(courtesy of Speaking for Spot)

Washington Animal Rescue League – (202) 726-CARE (2273)
The League’s full-service Medical Center has been enlarged and renovated, too. It still provides affordable veterinary care for shelter animals and the pets of low-income guardians.
New Jersey
Save U.S. Pets Foundation – (908) 222-9980
The Save U.S. Pets Foundation, based in New Jersey, is dedicated to providing financial assistance for pets to receive lifesaving medical treatments when their human companions are unable to afford professional care. Through a participating veterinarian, pet owners whose circumstances meet the Foundation’s criteria are eligible for a grant enabling their pets to receive desperately needed medical help.  A New Jersey based foundation veterinarian must apply for a grant to provide financial assistance to a client with a pet that needs lifesaving
medical care.
Animal Care and Welfare (Pittsburgh, PA)
Through donations received from members and the public, Animal Care and Welfare, Inc. helps low-income animal guardians obtain medical care for their sick or injured pets and also promotes spaying and neutering through education and financial support.  Our Board members also rescue, foster, and adopt homeless pets.
Animal Care and Assistance Fund – (412) 348-2588
Animal Care and Assistance (ACAF) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to promoting the health interests and welfare of animals and is the benevolent extension of the Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center (PVSEC).


The Humane Society of Berks County Veterinary Hospital – (610) 921-2348
The Veterinary Hospital of the Humane Society of Berks County provides the best care by the best vets.  Our goal is to provide every pet owner with access to top quality vet care for their pets.  For the average pet owner, that means great care at average market rates and the satisfaction of knowing that the money you are spending on your pet’s health care will be going to helping homeless, abused, and injured pets that would not be cared for without the Humane Society.  Those requiring a little extra help may choose to pre-apply for our sliding scale rates* based on financial need.






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