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Jenni and her family adopted Beau from a friend’s parents in August of 2009 when he was just nine weeks old.  After a somewhat amusing misunderstanding between Jenni & Beau’s “breeder,” Beau hopped a plane from Lake Charles, LA all the way to the Philadelphia airport.  Given that Beau was born in Louisiana, Jenni & her husband felt that he needed a proper Southern Gentleman’s name – and so he became “Beauregard’s Chocolate Penny,” most often known as Beau-Beau.  Beau is an incredibly sweet and kind animal who loves people and other pets.  He lives with his little boy, “J” and two kitties – Sidney the special needs Siamese and Jake, the little black kitten also know as “Kitten.”

His compassion for anyone (human or otherwise) in need is what drove Jenni to find a way to use his talent for good purposes and to share him with others – bring smiles to the faces of all he meets.  In 2012, Jenni and Beau became a certified pet therapy team through the amazing local organization PAWS for People.  Beau passed at the Advanced Level and simultaneously earned his Canine Good Citizen Award.  Beau began visiting with the boys at The Cottages becoming the first dog to provide pet therapy services to the Delaware Youth Correction Facility.

Beau and Jenni also take great pride in planning and executing the Canine Capers event each year at Winterthur’s Point-to-Point – a nationally-sanctioned steeplchase race and the second largest event in the State of Delaware.  Want to learn more about Canine Capers?  Read here.

An interview with Beau:

Q: What is your favorite thing to do?

A: Ride in the car with my mom.

Q: How do you get exercise?

A: I LOVE to chase tennis balls, or if my mom is up for it – I like to take her running.  In fact, she and I run in a 5K together each year – its called Wag N Walk.

Q: What kind of food do you eat?

A: Whatever I can find on the floor under J’s chair!! But my mom feeds me – Beaverdam’s Eli’s Select – a locally-produced, super-premium, gluten-free food.  I LOOOVE it.

Q: What trick(s) do you know?

A: All the regular obedience commands, but in addition, I know – Circle, Sit-Up, Paw (Shake), Other Paw, High-Five, Play Dead, Wait (my mom puts treats in front of me and leaves the room and I have to wait to eat them), and my new favorite – Roll-over.  My boys at The Cottages taught me that one!  I’m currently working on “Get Your Cup” which is when I pick up an empty yogurt cup from the floor and hand it to my mom.  She says after I master that – I am going to learn how to put the Cup in the Trash!

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